Other Writings

How to Be Conscious of Gentrification and Support the Community You’re In - YellowCo Blog, February 11, 2018 

“If there is one thing that’s become increasingly apparent in the last few years, it is that being a “voice for the voiceless and the oppressed” actually marginalizes and erases voices that need to be heard. Get to know your neighbors….”

Urban Planning and the Future with Jenna Tourje - FIT Culture with Elli Tourje on KCOD FM Coachella

“We’re not so unalike as we think we are. Instead of talking about interests or positions, I talk with communities about values. I think that’s what it takes to create equitable and healthy places where people love where they live and have a voice and a stake in their future. So we focus on how we can engage communities to to build something and vision for something that they want to see for their neighborhoods so people can stay in their neighborhoods and choose to six to stay in their neighborhoods in the future.”

Vote Local Park 3: Local Matters Guest Blog by Jenna Tourje - View from the Mesa, October 2016

“The old adage is true: all politics are local. The shape and structure of your life are both directly impacted by whom you elect to your local governments. Their values, their relationships, the way that they view you, the way they think about your neighbors, and how they allocate funding affect more of your life than any senator, governor, or president ever could.”

Sometimes I Preach